Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

We serve the best tasting seafood, because we know how to care for it the Maine way, from the dock to you. We know our fishermen, we know where and how they fish and we work together to protect our oceans for tomorrow. We know so you can too. Know Your Seafood.

We execute our mission through adherence to three core values:

Taste - serving seafood harvested with sustainable methods from clean waters, handled delicately, and traced from dock to plate to ensure perfect flavor, texture, and food safety.

Transparency - dealing openly with suppliers and creating business models that bring value back to the shore, giving teammates and guests complete information on where their food comes from and how it's harvested and handled, advocating for greater transparency in our food system, and setting goals for our team to constantly improve our environmental and social impact. 

Purpose - Using the power of our brand to do good, using our Keeper Fund to champion and fund win-wins for the environment and our coastal communities, and contributing to social justice initiatives in all our communities. We are proud to be a Certified B Corp.


Since its first day, Luke’s Lobster has been committed to only serving sustainable seafood, and has advocated for transparency in the food chain so that consumers know what they’re eating, who harvested it by what methods, and how it was handled from farm or dock to plate. Our commitment to sustainable ingredients has only grown, but we are now also committed to improving the other environmental impacts of our industry.


We’ve switched to buying 100% renewable energy, supported solar installations in Maine, and made aggressive efficiency improvements in our production facility as we work to complete our first carbon footprint assessment. We are also working directly with fishermen, wharf operators, and other seafood processors on their own efficiency projects and footprint reductions. We’re also tackling waste reduction in our shacks by reducing dependence on single use items and sourcing more environmentally friendly options.

B Corp - Using Business As A Force For Good

Luke’s Lobster has been a Certified B Corp since January 2018. B Corp is a certification program with a rigorous assessment to prove your company achieves social and environmental good, not just profit. Our commitment to the wellbeing of our team, our community, and the environment makes us one of the only restaurant groups in the world that “walks the walk” enough to earn this certification. 


Our B Corp ethos is woven through how we do business--elements like sourcing sustainable seafood from co-ops, buying 100% renewable energy, and giving our team growth opportunities and agency in guiding our business--as well as what we do outside our day to day--investing in scientific research through the Keeper Fund or contributing food to our free fridge network. We see B Corp as the embodiment of the “rising tide lifts all boats” mentality: when we work for the benefit of all our stakeholders and the environment rather than just our own profits, we all grow stronger and succeed together.

March is B Corp Month!

Learn more about the B Corp categories and how to get certified