Luke's Lobster x Omsom

We partnered with Omsom founders and sisters Vanessa + Kim Pham, who are going back to their New England roots to collaborate with us on a limited-time menu offering: a Spicy Mala Lobster Roll, made with their Chinese Mala sauce starter. And for those of you who don't have a Luke's shack nearby, you can order their Chinese Mala sauce starter and our lobster tails shipped directly to your doorstep from Luke's Online Market. Both Luke’s and Omsom have a legacy of honoring the origins and integrity of their dishes and ingredients, and this limited-edition lobster roll is a damn delicious celebration of this mutual north star. 

Spicy Mala Lobster Roll in Shacks across the U.S.

This collaborative creation combines the high-quality, succulent lobster roll you know and love from Luke's with the exciting and spicy flare of Omsom's starter sauces. The lobster meat is served in our traditional chilled style and is dolloped with a Mala kewpie mayo that packs the tingly and refreshing punch we all love from Sichuan cuisine. 

But what exactly is Mala you ask? Mala is a seasoning made from Sichuan peppers and dried red chile peppers, that’s commonly made into a sauce in Sichuan cuisine. The term “mala” translates to “numbing” and “spicy”, referring to the  numbing sensation that occurs on the tongue when one eats mala.

Omsom Lobster Tail pack shipped nationwide

We would be remiss to leave out Luke's lovers across the country that don't live near one of our neighborhood lobster shacks! That's why we are pairing Omsom's Mala sauce starter with our lobster tails to provide Luke's and Omsom fans nationwide with an easy pack to cook and enjoy at home! You can put a New England spin on a traditional Mala Salad with our Steamed Lobster Tail Mala Salad recipe or get adventurous and use their Mala sauce starter however tickles your taste buds (and believe us, it sure does tickle!). The beauty of these two products is that they are both totally versatile and delicious in their own right. Have fun with it and order here

Immigrant History Initiative

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a portion of sales during the month of may from the in-shack roll as well as our lobster tail pack will go to the Immigrant History Initiative, a 501c3 non-profit with a mission of empowering Asian Americans, building empathy for generations of immigrant communities, and fostering solidarity to address hate and intolerance.