Martin Luther King Day at Luke's Lobster

Martin Luther King Day at Luke's Lobster

Pictured above on the right is Darwin Lowe, GM at Midtown East, who provided an answer to our Martin Luther King Jr. Day reflection.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our Diversity and Inclusion Department asked our teammates across the country what this day means to them. Their answers are an impactful look at how Dr. King's legacy inspires our team to continue to work towards racial equity, not only within the walls of Luke's shacks, but for every person in our community and beyond. 

Darwin Lowe, GM at Midtown East
Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Luke's means being a source for positive change, leading by example. On this day I ask myself: am I living up to the ideals that Dr. King fought, bleed, and died for? Do I take the time to give back to those on my team who may be struggling physically and emotionally? If the answer is yes, then I am operating in the spirit that Dr. King expected of us to be our brother keepers. If I can do 10% of what is expected then I am heading in the right direction and I am contributing in some small way to the inclusive environment and diverse culture being cultivated at Luke's Lobster.

Luke Holden, cofounder & CEO
Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Luke's Lobster is a reminder that change requires strong leadership. Dr. King created change because he was a leader that brought people together to create momentum for progress. Dr. King was a leader that I truly admire.

Ed Wolf, teammate at Upper West Side
Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Luke's Lobster means commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs. legacy of work towards racial justice and equality. King taught important values such as service, selflessness and respect.

Chenda Chamreoun, Quality Assurance Supervisor
No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what color you are, no matter how much education you have, we are on the same boat, the same earth, and the same Luke's Lobster. So you are having an opportunity to work and grow your self at Luke's at anytime.

Virginia Rector, Chief Operation Officer
MLK day at Luke's means taking time to reflect and honor the necessary hard work, sacrifices, and inspiration of MLK Jr. and so many others as well as recommitting to how much more work we all have to do to reach racial equity. At Luke's we believe that we all must do our part to ensure that rising tides raise all boats, regardless of skin color.

Erica Sedler, Regional Sales Manager
Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Luke's Lobster means recognizing the strong parallels from the past that we still see in society today, and listening and learning from our teammate's experiences to continue to move forward as individuals and as an organization to create a more equal, inclusive safe space for all.

Caleb Fisher, GM at Bethesda
Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Luke's Lobster means honoring the commitment to ensure the chance of equality, justice and liberty for all.