International Women's Day at Luke's

International Women's Day at Luke's

Pictured above in the front is Tracy Anderson, who provided an answer to our International Women's Day prompt.

In celebration of International Women's Day, our Diversity and Inclusion Department asked our teammates across the country what this day means to them. This year's theme, #BreakTheBias, challenges us all to consider the biases in our own workplaces, schools, and communities and work together to break those biases. Read on to hear from some of our teammates on what this day and this theme means to them.

Maria Ribaudo-Alicea, Director of Operations
For me, International Women's Day is a reminder that we are only limited by our own dreams. It is a reminder of how much we have accomplished together historically, culturally & politically and just how much further we have to go! Today I hope that women all over feel proud of all that we have accomplished and that young girls can look around and be proud to see so many diverse women in positions of power and know this can be them! Let today be a celebration of courage, empowerment and diversity! Live with fierceness and continue to break the bias today, tomorrow and beyond!

Ashley DeSilva, Chef at Portland Pier
"Oh, dearie, dainty doesn't do it in the kitchen." —Julia Child. Women in the restaurant industry can't just be good, we have to be better. We will have to continue to break biases, succeed, and become better. As a female and a leader I will continue to help young women forge a path in the industry and grow a strong, resilient, female-forward future!

Klaudia Ramos, Senior Staff Accountant
Breaking the bias, to me, means being able to disrupt the social norms in society. It is also making sure the next steps I make in my career will not only benefit me personally but will give confidence to the next woman to say “I can do it!” The next steps we take will offer an opportunity for the up and coming female generation to take greater leadership roles and continue to close the gap of inequality. We should continue to be supporting role models as the women before us were because without them we would have not been able to believe in ourselves. They were the innovators for  #BreakingTheBias.

Morgan Kamensky, People + Culture Manager
In thinking about International Women's Day I read a study that showed "men are more likely than women to be seen as brilliant". For me, #BreakTheBias is about making a conscious effort to lift up the women in our lives and make sure they know how brilliant they are. We must all use our voices to challenge when bias is showing. Flip the script when women are referred to as "emotional" instead of "passionate", "bossy" instead of "natural leader", a "Girl Boss" vs "a BOSS". I see you, ladies. You're BRILLIANT!

Tracy Anderson, GM at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Women are challenged every day. To be providers, to be mothers, to be fathers, To be heard. We live in a world where our voice is hindered, and our worth is calculated. Question is, are you willing to support us?

Cece Citronnelle, Assistant GM at Upper East Side
Unconscious and conscious bias in our world today seems to be never ending. We all deserve a world free of bias and discrimination and to all feel equal and included. We can all make a difference and change in our communities by being properly informed and knowledgeable on what bias is. We can all make a change by stepping up and speaking up when we hear or see something we know is wrong. We can work together as a community and also as women we are powerful creators. As women today we are celebrating our cultural, political and historical changes and achievements we have made over the many years. We will continue being strong, pushing limits and breaking barriers for many more years to come. One day of celebration is not enough, but today is OUR day!