A Few of Our Favorite Things: B Corps and Non-profits

A Few of Our Favorite Things: B Corps and Non-profits

Photo Courtesy of Bigelow Laboratory

As we begin the new year with ambitious goals for our collaboration with the Island Institute, we’re reminded of the value of B corps and the other partners in our state who focus on a purpose that goes beyond profits. Take a moment to learn more about these Maine companies who are using their work as a force for the common good.
GWI: Great Works Internet

An internet provider with a mission statement and code of conduct? Meet GWI. The company is leading internet service providers and related tech companies in becoming one of Maine’s newest B corporations. GWI is focused on vital infrastructure for communities who depend on the internet to conduct their lives and grow their economy. Yes, they work to make a profit. But GWI, like all B corps, is also focused on the positive impact on the communities they serve. They are committed to Net Neutrality, open access and data privacy. We applaud an internet provider that can cite the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact!
ReVision Energy

ReVision’s mission is to transition New England to a sustainable, renewable energy-based economy and reduce carbon pollution. The employee-owned company has provided more than 8,000 installations of solar panels, heat pump water heaters and more. ReVision was awarded B corp certification in 2015 and has been leading the way as one of the highest in class of socially responsible businesses in the nation. They are the go-to company for many of Maine’s working waterfront rooftop solar installations, including lobster co-ops and community-based renewable energy projects. ReVision promotes solar as an economic opportunity and an environmental solution, creating a wonderful balance of people, profits and purpose.
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Although it’s a non-profit and not a B Corp, Bigelow Laboratory focuses on innovative approaches to science and research and the study of global health as a way to improve the future for all life on our planet. Creative, cutting-edge science, and collaborative exploration enable Bigelow researchers to unlock unique opportunities to exceed the traditional boundaries of their fields.

Bigelow is a trusted partner of the Island Institute, and together they’re working in the waters of Casco Bay to determine how kelp aquaculture can contribute to mussel growth and ocean acidification remediation. The long-term goals of this research will also look at the benefits of kelp farming as a low-cost, low-risk way to improve existing mussel operations and help Maine fishermen add potential income streams.
To learn more about how you can refocus your business model to include social, environmental and organizational impact, register for “Business for Purpose and Profit” on January 21st from 5:30 PM to 7 PM. The panel includes our co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Ben Conniff.