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MSC Certified Fisheries and Sustainable Practices

Maine's lobstermen are bound by stricter regulations than their neighbors, which keeps the Maine lobster population robust and healthy -- in 2012, the Maine lobster fishery had its largest haul yet, exceeding 123 million pounds. To wit, Maine lobstermen: 

-Must throw back lobsters that are too small to give them a chance to breed.

-Must throw back egg-bearing females, marking the tail with a notch so that they can never be taken out of the water.

-Can only harvest lobster using traps with escape vents for undersized lobsters and biodegradable escape hatches that release lobsters caught in lost traps.

-Can only fish a maximum of 800 traps and must be on his boat in person every time it fishes.

Most restaurants buy from distributors and can't trace the origin of their lobster. Because we handle ours from the harbor to the plate, we know it comes from Maine's sustainable waters and not from exhausted, polluted fisheries. To support the fishery’s efforts, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance.

Latest shrimp news...

The Maine shrimp season has been closed for 2014 due to an extremely low shrimp population in 2013, and fishermen are giving existing shrimp time to repopulate. Like most Maine shrimp companies, we will be purchasing MSC certified sustainable shrimp from Canada, where the population remains robust. It's the exact same species, and though the individual shrimp tend to be a bit smaller, they are just as tasty and not at-risk. When the scientists and fishermen agree that it's sustainable to fish Maine shrimp again, we will be the first to put it back on the menu.



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